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escape the reality November 15, 2008

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One of the topics in the goodbye speech of Li Edelkoort (the ex-chair woman) leaving the Design Academy was about being bored with this reality and the urge to escape it. And there are more ways than just the magic mushrooms (that she was talking about (: ) to do it. There have been many attempts in the history and still nowadays. I found my copy of the book of Hakim Bey that I red some years ago. It is called TAZ which stands for Temporary Autonomous Zone. He still makes me wonder, he makes me believe, he makes me act and try to free my mind again and again. You can read / print this book here (for free).


A flash mob in Argentina.

“Are we who live in the present doomed never to experience autonomy, never to stand for one moment on a bit of land ruled only by freedom? Are we reduced either to nostalgia for the past or nostalgia for the future? Must we wait until the entire world is freed of political control before even one of us can claim to know freedom? Logic and emotion unite to condemn such a supposition. Reason demands that one cannot struggle for what one does not know; and the heart revolts at a universe so cruel as to visit such injustices on our generation alone of humankind.”

cs_woodlandcreatures Cacophony Society

” You will argue that this is a counsel of despair. What of the anarchist dream, the Stateless state, the Commune, the autonomous zone with duration, a free society, a free culture? Are we to abandon that hope in return for some existentialist acte gratuit? The point is not to change consciousness but to change the world.”


Burning Man festival


” Babylon takes its abstractions for realities; precisely within this margin of error the TAZ can come into existence. Getting the TAZ started may involve tactics of violence and defense, but its greatest strength lies in its invisibility–the State cannot recognize it because History has no definition of it. As soon as the TAZ is named (represented, mediated), it must vanish, it will vanish, leaving behind it an empty husk, only to spring up again somewhere else, once again invisible because undefinable in terms of the Spectacle. The TAZ is thus a perfect tactic for an era in which the State is omnipresent and all-powerful and yet simultaneously riddled with cracks and vacancies. And because the TAZ is a microcosm of that “anarchist dream” of a free culture, I can think of no better tactic by which to work toward that goal while at the same time experiencing some of its benefits here and now.”