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magic signs in the center of Tallin March 5, 2010

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Spending a Friday evening searching on the web for some inspiring traditional Latvian ornaments, I accidentally came across a quite an old article from designblog.lv. There they write about an Estonian company named LOOVVOOL http://www.loovvool.com/ ,that has designed visual identity for a restaurant Kaerajaan in Tallin. The interior part was done by Ruumilabor www.ruumilabor.ee .

As LOOVVOOL themselves tell about the design: “As the name Kaerajaan comes from local folklore, we developed a symbol and a series of motifs influenced by traditional Estonian clothing patterns and with colours fine-tuned for a modern look. Combined with an elegant typeface, the overall outcome is “the new old”.”

So what’s so special in my opinion about it?
Well, 2 things:

First of all, the used symbols. They are half forgotten but still very powerful. In the past these signs were perceived as symbols that have some magical guarding powers. Over time the perception has changed and now they are mostly used as ornamentation for decorative purposes. However LOOVVOOL’s design has given these symbols a more up-to-date twist.

Secondly, I was delighted to see their news on the web page that they have just opened a new office in Hong Kong. In my opinion there are not so many companies/ designers coming from the Baltic’s who are able and so brave to compete in global markets. For these reasons I contacted LOOVVOOL and asked to answer to the following questions. The questions were answered by Hannes Unt, founder&creative director of LOOVVOOL.

1. Are you a company with Estonian origin?

LOOVVOOL was initially an Estonian company, but now the brand is associated with Hong Kong based company and we’re working with international clients and we’re not in Estonian market anymore.

2. What the word LOOVVOOL stands for, does it have any meaning?

It’s a palindromic word-play in Estonian. The “loov” means “creative” and “vool” stands for “rush or flow”.

3. How many designers do you have?

Our new agency model is not traditional in the sense that we don’t have a big studio somewhere with many designers, but only a strong core team of few people who collaborate with the best talents in their respective design fields when necessary. That’s why we’re also quite location independent. It makes us very flexible and we can always compete with big agencies and pull together bigger teams for each project.

4. Do you take interns?

In the past, we had, but currently no.

5. How do you find your clients?

We do a lot of networking and we also got referred by previous clients. Also, taking part in international design competitions is good for gaining more visibility.

6. Which of your projects has given you the most satisfaction?

The most satisfying projects would be the most demanding ones, whether in terms of analytical problem solving or design excellence or both.

7. How long it took to develop visual identity for Kaerajaan restaurant?

The whole project period was about 2-3 months as it included many different materials. The development of logo and visual patterns took probably about few weeks.

Thus, LOOVVOOL won a Red Dot award for this project


Check out the website of Kaerajaan as well! http://www.kaerajaan.ee/eng/