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Design-it-yourself (updated) December 10, 2008

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2O years ago John Tackara (him!!) wrote a book called “Design after modernism”. I find this quote still sounds very contemporary (so it must be what the trend spotters call a “megatrend”;)): ” What counts, is not ergonomics but weather the chair is welcoming (..). It is being realized that consumers nowadays look for something playful, joyful, personal in the objects that they buy. As a result, objects have to develop “sensual” qualities: as well as being understandable, they must be capable of being felt.”

… You are wearing a unique dress, tailor made coat. Why should you drink the same coffee , eat the same muesli, chocolate bar as everybody? You deserve something better! There are many companies around proposing you to “design” you own tea, energy bar, breakfast mix, wine selection etc. They will make it for you and deliver wherever you are (most of the times).

Here are some examples.

Of course, all these things can make wonderful (Xmas) gifts and might give you as well some ideas of things you can actually make/personalize yourself ;)!

German company My Muesli are one of the pioneers in this service. They propose “custom made cereals”.

On You Bar website you can “build” you bars and shakes.

Your Gift Label proposes to print your personal label for a selection of alcoholic drinks.

Sonntagmorgen will make a coffee mix for you just the way you like it.

Design a tea and Blends For Friends are there for you to create the tea with your favorite flavor(s).

Chocri has a simple step by step tool to “design” The perfect chocolate that will make you (or your partner) melt…

Want a special mm’s design? Here you are.

For those who love wine: Fusebox.

But there is more than taste joys…

On Spoonflower you can design your own fabric.

French brand Les Ateliers Ruby proposes you to design a unique helmet.

And more, and more… Have fun!


Fly November 28, 2008

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“In Europe, where there are already 500 000 000 passengers fly a year, and there are already 28 000 flights each day during the peak season, fewer than 8% of the Europeans have ever been in an aircraft.” Can you believe this!?

“Modern mobility comes with a price, but the price tag is seldom visible, and we seldom pay it- or not directly. Its costs are hidden. Not only the transport is expensive n time and money to the user, but it involves such external and hidden coss as accidents, traffic congestion, air pollution, climate change, noise, and hidden infrastructure costs. (..)

There is no international agreement how to measure the matter and the energy burden imposed by aviation, but clever organization called CLiPP (Climate Protection Partnership), which sells “climate tickets”, reckons we should all pay roughly 6,5 euros per hour flown in order to found projects that foster the use of renewable energies or more efficient uses of energy. Aircraft manufacturers have promised to halve pollution from their aircraft by 2010- but the traffic as a whole will probably triple by then, meaning that the environmental impact of aviation will rise 50 percent. ”

Text from another “designers’ bible” I discovered about a year ago- “In the bubble” by John Tackara.

You can partly read the book online.

More to follow.