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Here they come! November 12, 2008

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These are not the latest news, but it’s only once a year, so, here you have some pics of Graduation show at the Design Academy Eindhoven.


Bastard chair by Els Woldhek.Two dimensional pieces of leather are stitched together to form 3dimensional objects.The shape of the leather pieces determine the look of the final products, so each one of them is unique. Weird but attractive, bravo for the recycling idea!


A simple but great idea by Soojin Hyun- an office- house at your home!

grace table by Philippe MalouinThe impressive Grave table by Philippe Malouin is made of a material used for inflatable rescue platforms. It has a flat and stable surface, it can accomodate 10 guests. When deflated, it can fit in a bag.

shelve by Nathan WierinkShelve by Nathan Wierink (ontwerpduo). You have to look through a lens to see a regular piece of furniture. I would say it looks as what one would expect of a DAE graduate. I’m getting bored of all these cindarellatablestyle objects…

jointsAnother project by Ontwerpduo. The mahogany table is manufactured using a CNC router, which allows more complex joints to be made than are possible with traditional hand tools. The functional joints become decorative. I find it much more interesting!


In our society people with disabilities are not offered the chance to choose and express themselves. They are offered aids with mechanical and generic body accessories that emphasize only the technical aspect. In this way the aid objects become a sign of stigma and in no way help the subject to recover a new and acceptable identity.

Francesca Lanzavecchia presents her master graduation project (one of the few exciting ones)- the trend book- catalogue as well as the try outs made so far- series of orthoses and canes that retain full functionality but adapt different styles to match the wish of the user. Fresh. Respect.


I don’t really see the use of these, but I find them very funny! One has to break (in the right place!) the rubber encapsulated porcelain glasses to wear them. By Keisuki Hori.


And, of course the great Curiosity Cabinet by Jon Stam (pic, left)! It contains 32 drawers, where one can store physical and the virtual treasures.

16 drawers store objects and pictures.
he other 16 drawers have a rfid reader. if you put one of them on a dock station your computer automatically shows the content which was saved on it. It also connects via an usb port for those who don’t have the rfid reader.

Jon received Rene Smeets award 2008 for the best graduation project.