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Let me introduce you… January 28, 2009

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This year the first half of graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven have got their diplomas already!

Here is a selection of a selection… This time more pictures than comments. But your comments are welcome (: !

Lea: “ Hair is mysterious because it breeds instincts and feelings, which have their origin mainly in the subconscious. This is why I designed a series of “Hair Brushes” that are mysterious themselves; the hair rather than the brush is visible at first sight, therefore the object needs to be re-discovered. What kind of feelings does one have when looking at a brush? How does one grasp it? How does one use it? What is the bond between the person and the tool? In thinking about sustainability I decided to reinvent brushes- for the hair, face, and nails- in a physically durable as well as in an emotionally durable way.”

Mari:” The idea is to design a new interactive pattern for grown up people. A bed cloth pattern that directly leads you back to your childhood. So that you have this I remember effect for yourself and for a second you are going back to your childhood. Back to the beginning where all your adventures started. By conducting a survey with 50 people and analysing the received feedback a ‘Life is not a fairy tale?’ book is created (as an end result for my research and a starting point for my project). The information gathered, is used to design a pattern resembling and conveying a collection of childhood memories: Making the invisible visible once again. ‘Life is not a fairy tale?’ consists of a bedclothes collection: ‘Your Own Fairy Tale’. It’s a new interactive pattern for grown up people.”

And one of my all time favorites:

Anna:” In Finland the sauna rituals have ancient traditions but are still part of contemporary culture. During my childhood summers I always spent two months in “Mökki,” our summer house in Finland. At Mökki the sauna is the only space where you can wash yourself. Beautiful nature and a lake surround this sauna. It is a place of serenity, enjoyment, coming together and relaxing. In those childhood summers I learned that taking a sauna is more than bathing: the magnificent view over clear clean water, the wooden construction with the smell of burned wood, and silence with only the sound of nature. It is not only physical refreshment but psychological refreshment as well. The sauna has two rooms the steam or sauna room, and the dressing room. In the dressing room you dress, undress, cool off, and have chat. In this dressing area the sauna ritual begins and ends. Changing clothes in the dressing area prepares you for a sauna, and fully refreshed you put clean clothes on after taking a sauna. The feelings that I get from a Finnish sauna I wanted to translate into a bathing space that allows for the same feeling but a space that anyone can use. A piece of furniture that can be placed wherever you like; a piece that is part of the house and living room. The Badkast is a combination of a bath and a closet. The bath represents the sauna where you clean yourself and the closet represents the dressing room. The doors at the front of the closet and the backsides can be entirely opened to allow you to feel connected with your environment. Changing clothes, being at peace in your environment, and bathing: a Finnish ritual coming together in the Badkast. The Larch is chosen because it can be used in combination with water. The closet is made out of one large wooden trunk of Larch to make the Badkast the same tone. This trunk has been drying for over 8 years and all the useful parts have been used. The construction is simple but smart. The connections that are used are designed in such a way that allows them to interact with water. Even new type of joins, able to interact with water, were developed for the Badkast. The exterior is simple as well and therefore it fits well in any residence, inside or outside. You give the closet your own colors when you hang your own cloths in it. By opening the doors the closet becomes one with the environment. For me the perfect bath is simple. “Take your time in your own environment”.”


new surrealism November 20, 2008

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(Table with bird’s legs by Meret Oppenheim, 1939.)

No, surrealism is not only a trend of the 1930’s. It is still around us! Just take a look at the work of Pharrell Williams or Fabio Novembre. And there are many more examples.

Vladi Rapaport, an Ucrainian designer who just graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts (Netherlands) makes surprising, figurative but still functional pieces of furniture. You can see his Vanitas collection also at the Design Huis during the exhibition Talents 2008 (selection of more than 100 design graduation works from 50 academies all over the Europe). Here is the skull chair, brain seat and a spine lamp. Vladi is not taking the easy way to work with erotic human body shapes. Instead he adds some deeper meaning and historical connotation to his furniture.vanitas-001

Go and see also the awesome speaker- robot!


Trakajiem pieder pasaule (it goes smth like this: the crazy ones own the world) (: .