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Meet Latvian design! March 19, 2009

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If you want to know more about Latvian design, you HAVE TO look at the activities of Design Drive!

The project was created to popularize design thinking, develop a culture that uses Latvian design products, promote the accessibility of Latvian design to a broader audience, enhance the understanding of Latvian manufacturers regarding design instruments and the important role of designers in creating competitive products and to promote the movement of design culture in Latvia. Design Drive hopes to become the creative platform for Latvian and European designers in Latvia, giving them the opportunity to exchange ideas, experience and knowledge.

Latvian designers want to be socially active, share their ideas and contribute to Latvian and European culture. Latvian designers currently participate in international design conventions and biennials and study at prestigious design schools across the world. Unfortunately.

A notable collection of Latvian designs was developed to create a foundation for discourse between designers and Latvian society. Considering the development peculiarities of the field in Latvia, all products are produced by the actual designers. Participants of the project include 12 Latvian designers, eight manufacturers and craftsman. The collection was exhibited in Latvia’s first pop-up style store at Martas iela 1 and mobile shops on the city streets and in parks. The Design Drive project was unveiled on 14 October, 2008, within the framework of Dizaina mēnesis and was included in the celebration programme for the 90th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia.

For two weeks during October 2008, Design Drive became an active communication hub in the city, where all kinds of people with all kinds of interests and knowledge could meet. Design Drive started a new form of service in Riga – a store where communication between the seller and the buyer is vital (Design Drive sellers are the designers themselves). These conversations often resulted not with a purchase, but with new knowledge or an idea for a new project.

In 2009, Design Drive was invited for the first time to visit the Cēsis Exhibition Hall in Cēsis, Latvia; the project was a huge design event in the city. The exhibition hall hosted a notable exhibition, a creative room for children, a design shop and lectures on “Design Thinking”.

In order to stir the creative spirit in children and their parents, Design Drive designers hosted open Saturday Workshops at Martas iela 1 during February 2009. Saturday Workshop visitors are invited to express their creativity and develop their imaginations with toys made by the designers, as well as to create their own toys. The high count to the Saturday Workshop and responsiveness of the visitors has inspired the designers to work on a similar approach to design services in Riga.

The Design Drive project is open to designers and people with ideas and who are ready to invest their time and resources in bringing these ideas to life.

The Design Drive project was developed by the designers of the RIJADA Design Studio.Design Drive was born to be a platform for the exchange of ideas between designers in Latvia and throughout Europe.

Design Drive wants to create a world of Latvian design ideas and invites designers from around the world to visit Latvia. If you have design ideas and interesting projects that you want to share with society, Design Drive will be your support base for presenting your project in Latvia. If you would like to learn more about Latvian design, we would be happy to come visit you and show you products and design concepts made in Latvia host a creative workshop for children and their parents and tell you all about design ideas in Latvia.
Design Drive participants include experienced designers who are recognized not only in Latvia, but also in international design competitions and exhibitions – Rihards Funts (RIJADA), Ilze Zaceste, Juris Krūmins, Zane Homka, Baiba Linga-Berzina, Ieva Laurina, Diana Boitmane, Andris Teresko, Baiba Lindane (BU design), Ugis Gailis (BU design), Gundega Zake, Eva Vevere, Peteris Buks, photodrapher Valdis Jansons.
The project is implemented through the collaboration of the RIJADA Design Studio and Tasty Creative Space.

Project Manager: Rihards Funts RIJADA T: +371 29131152, @: rihards@rijada.lv
Online resources: www.tastyshop.lv, www.designstore.lv, www.rijada.lv

Pictures from Design Drive archive.


Latvian Design Store online now! November 27, 2008

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I have the pleasure to invite you to visit the Design Store online now! It is 100% Latvian product (:.

13-22 December Design Store will open it’s doors at Martas street 1 in Riga for a special Xmas edition!

Just a few examples of what you can find there.

Candle by Baiba Linga Berzina

Candle by Baiba Linga Berzina

Hanger Kocis by Zane Homka, photo: Ojars Jansons.

Kocis hanger by Zane Homka, photo Valdis Jansons

Moon shelf by Rihards Funts, photo: Ojars Jansons.

Ojars Jansons

Lamp Skara by Baiba Lindane, photo: Didzis Grodzs.

Eye shades by Ieva Laurina, photo: esad photo studio.