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Question. November 20, 2008

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As a designer, would you rather design something that is produced in an edition of 10 and sold for 100 000 euros/piece or edition of 10 000 sold for 100 euros/piece?

cindarellaJeroen Verhoeven from Demakersvan in his lecture at the Design Academy yesterday let us know he would choose the first option. I somehow think that the second one is more “moral” . Less about your own ego and more about offering people good design (beautiful and functional things!)… Sure, unlimited freedom of creation is tempting. But the outcome often has nothing to do with design any more. I can’t really imagine using this table in a dining room or even less an office…

There are so many designers around working mostly on limited editions, selling them for crazy prices… filling up the pages of magazines. Isn’t it at the end a bad publicity they are making for design? People just think that design is not for them, because it’s so glamorous and expensive.

What would be your choice? What is your choice?