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We are what we share. November 19, 2008

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I am reading “We think. Mass innovation, not mass production.”, a great book by Charles Leadbeater. You can download it’s early version here. It is inspiring and somehow gives a hope… that people are able and willing to unite, to work together for good causes.

Leadbeater gives the example of Wikipedia. ” Wikipedia’s domain name was purchased on 15 January 2001. By the end of the month there were already 31 articles; by March, 1300 and by May 3900. (..) As of March 2007, Wikipedia was used by 5,87 % of Internet users, compared to 0,03 % Encyclopedia Britannica, 1,73% for the BBC News website and 1,36% for CNN, and 0,62% for New York Times. Wikipedia was ranked as the 11th – most-visited website in the world. (..) As Wikipedia spreads around the world not only does it carry knowledge, it teaches habits of participation, responsibility and sharing. Wikipedia is based not on a naive faith in collectivism but on the collaborative exercise of individual responsibility. Wikipedia is one of the most amazing cultural creations of modern times: a global resource of 6 million, volunteer-created articles amassed over six years, with virtually no staff and little funding. Wikipedia is like a vast bird’s nest of knowledge, each piece of information carefully resting on another. Yet this is a bird’s nest with no bird in charge of where to put each piece. It has almost constructed itself.”