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Dutch bikes November 16, 2008

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I just came back from a weekend in France. Back to the country of great bikes! And it’s true, you can appreciate what you have only when you compare it to what the others have, hah..



A Peugot (French) bike on the left side and a real Dutch one on the right side. The comfort of riding with the last one is incomparable, you can sit straight and not like some Tour de France looser. Try it (and buy it;) ) at the first occasion ;)! There are as many bikes as people in Netherlands. More than one million bicycles are sold per year in Netherlands. The main export destination is Germany. There are quite few bicycle manufacturers who managed to survive- Batavus, Gazelle, Union and Sparta.

This summer/autumn Design Huis in EIndhoven presented an impressive exhibition on bikes. avb_designhuis_bikes_030bThere were bikes for anybody and any occasion of life!avb_designhuis_bikes_034_avb_designhuis_bikes_052avb_designhuis_bikes_058


You can find more pics from the exhibition here.