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What’s inside my teddy bear? May 11, 2009

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It’s a book I found amazing since the first time I saw it six months ago. Beautiful and shocking. It tells what we (at least me as a long time vegetarian) don’t like to know- the pig is EVERYWHERE!!

The book ,,PIG 05049,, by Christien Meindertsma is the result of three years long research. It is also an example of simple and beautiful graphic design.

,,The idea of this book arose from my interest in the invisible lines that link raw materials, producers and consumers world wide. In a strongly globalised world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to trace these lines and due to the increasing scope and complexity of the meat processing industry, the consumer has hardly any idea of the route an animal takes to the various finished products.” says Chrisien Meindertsma. She claims the book is not meant to be a manual for vegetarians or people who, due to their religious convictions, don’t eat pork. It is an impossible manual- impossible to follow for those who live in our ,,developed,, Western society.

Here are some examples of the long list:

Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells used to transport oxygen around the body. Recently hemoglobin derived from pig blood has been started to be used in cigarette filters. It creates an ,,artificial lung,, where harmful reactions take place before the chemicals reach the smoker.

Bone ash is added to fine bone china to achieve a high strength and translucency. Amongst other things it is used to make hand painted figurines.

Glycerine is an alcohol made through hydrolysis of pork fat. Glycerine can be used in toothpaste.

Gelatine capsules are used to hold oils or ingredients suspended in oil.

In the production of wine, bear and juices gelatine can be used as a clarifying agent. Gelatine reacts with the tannins and bitter substances and absorbs the cloudy elements that can then be separated from the drink.

Fatty acids derived from pork bone fat are used in body lotions.

Bone glue can be used to prepare wall before applying wallpaper as well as an ingredient in the paper itself.

And so on and so on… we find pig in nearly 200 products.

Is it ethical? Do we have rights to know what we pay for? Are the producers interested to inform us? Is it better to know or not to know? Well, at least, if we don’t know what we don’t want to know, then we can’t feel bad about it…

P.S. The book is Christien’s graduation project at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

P.S. The photos of the products above have nothing to do with the beautiful pictures in the book.



1. irena - May 28, 2009

Ja uzzināsi pārāk daudz, meklēsi miega zāles…

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