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Crisis is good for you. March 25, 2009

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The Dutch design blog design.nl published a few days ago a surprisingly refreshing interview with the “bad guy” in Dutch design Bas van Beek. His opinions express very well some feelings I’ve been trying to formulate lately.

“Van Beek’s point is that the big name Dutch designers are doing nothing original. Rather, they are designing for a bourgeois mentality that itself is hankering for a long-lost era that was decorated with pretty things.

“Designers are fully aware of this new market of wealthy people who desire such status symbols,” he says. “It’s made up mostly of middle-aged women who wanted to be artistic and had ambitions to paint, but gave up to have children … now they want to buy the objects of designers like Hella Jongerius, but what they actually want to buy is her fabricated identity.”

Using Hollywood as an analogy, Van Beek says all Dutch design does, and seems to understand, is romantic comedy. “But there are many more genres,” he says, “Thriller, documentary, drama, bad films and B-films … I’m just trying to explore those genres. In Hollyood, all genres are accepted and all genres need serious critique to survive. It works like a self-cleansing apparatus.”

Crisis definitely has numerous positive side effects…development of diy culture, a more conscious way of consuming… The Repairing Manifesto by Amsterdam based Platform 21 has recently become very popular. I really hope it will be more than just a trendy way to show off.

Here are some points from the manifesto:

4. Every time we repair something, we add to its potential, its history, its soul and its inherent beauty.

5. Repairing is a creative challenge. Making repairs is good for the imagination. Using new techniques, tools and materials ushers in possibility rather than dead ends.

8. Repair- even in good times! If you think this manifesto has to do with the recession, forget it. this isn’t about money, it’s about a mentality.

9. Repaired things are unique. Even fakes become originals when you repair them.

And as Li Edelkoort said in an interview to the same Dutch blog “I believe that many creative people will consider these circumstances a gift, necessary to bring about change.(..) Design will always be able to find new scenarios. Once you’re creative you’re not afraid, you will always be able to make something out of nothing, improvise, find solutions. Solely because we’re creative, the design community is less handicapped than the rest of the world. In that sense, we are all very lucky.”



1. Rihards - March 26, 2009

Since Roman empire and later, cultivated in Renaissance again, idea of beauty is linked with fullness and clearness of entirety, also nature almost don’t exist unfinished forms and broken, or dead ones become to another.
Repaired thing is something that looks like not finished yet, ore entirety with displacement. I think that is just reflection of this time, and sooner or later our perception (senses) will demand back environment with full, pure, entirety forms.
P.S. last 3 years i practice repairing stuff person lifestyle. Using of repaired things is a fact today, i hope that will not turn to using of clunkers.

2. irena - March 27, 2009

Pilnīgi piekrītu par radošo momentu. Un tikai radošs cilvēks spēj pa īstam domāt “zaļi” vai otrādi… Manuprāt radošu cilvēku pasaulē ir ļoti daudz, bērnība vajadzētu daudz vairāk to visu veicināt un stimulēt katrā mazā cilvēciņā, tad vēl mūsu Zemei varētu būt cerība neaiziet bojā.

3. Miķelis - March 28, 2009

Repairing is the new “new”.

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