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Why to design another chair? March 14, 2009

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Why not? 100 chairs in 100 days by Gamper Martino.

Doung Anwar Jahangeer (he won the South award for his mobile, fold-away shop)

A couple of years ago I had a very different point of view. I wanted to do design. I could imagine myself doing all kinds of things except designing a chair. I thought that the world is already full of furniture. So- why should I contribute to this over production?! I still think there is too much stuff around, but… If I’m planning to spend at least next 10 years working as a designer, there are chances somebody will ask me to do that. So, it’s time to get prepared. At the Design Academy we have to design a chair for De Witte Tafel restaurant in Eindhoven (the chosen one will be produced). And I have to say that I even enjoy the process!

Marcel Breure Vassily chair.

Its true that there are soooo many chairs around that it is a real challenge to create something new and exciting, that would would have an added value. It is vary rare that a new chair gets my attention. Most of the things we see around are just replicas of what we’ve seen before or uncomfortable egocentric creations of people who call themselves designers.

I found a blog that shows recent (mostly) creations in chair design, and I find it quite fun to look at. You can check it out here .

Last weekend I saw a great installation by Danish art group Superflex in Boijmans van Beuningen museum in Rotterdam.

Copy right chair installation.

So, I take a deep breath and keep on going with MY chair.



1. Rihards - March 15, 2009

if you think about siting, don’t think about chair

2. balticdesign - March 15, 2009

Ok. I make a chair but I’m thinking of a hammock (well, it’s me..).

3. saskia - March 16, 2009

good that you are doing extensive research. I also need to go this month to the museum for arthistoryclass. I’ll let you know what I thought about it.

4. undressdesign - March 20, 2009

Chair is supposed for sitting.
If you still keep that as a priority, then it is important to understand – what kind of sitting.
May be more than in other pieces of furniture, good ergonomics are very important for a chair.
But in any case, it is worth to try, experience, get mad of the difficulties and obsessed of dreaming…and at the end – sit in your own chair.

5. balticdesign - March 21, 2009

Thanks for encouragement! (;

6. Stacking chairs - July 19, 2011

How much back area does a chair actually need?

Some great research!

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