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Delicious packgaging March 1, 2009

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Packaging is definetly an important criteria to make a choice when we do shopping. Most of us are often ready to pay a higher price for a good presented in a particularly appealing way. I also love to go to local supermarkets when visiting other countries and I always find some nice surprises there. I’m sure you know the feeling…

I’ve been seduced by packaging design since years. Here are some interesting examples from an interesting site dedicated to the subject. Text- from the book “Eat me. Delicious, desirable,successful food packaging design” by Ben Hargreaves.

“Packaging is one of the only forms of branding that interact directly with the consumer in their home. Ideal packaging appeals not only to vision but also to all of the senses. A well designed package appeals to touch- through convenience and ergonomics- promises and delivers good taste and aroma, and often has a sound attached to it that indicates quality or freshness, such as the pop a Snapple cap makes when you first twist it off. Package quality is often seen as a sign of product quality and can go a long way to enhancing the image of a brand. Successful brands can often find themselves in the home for years, and sometimes- for generations.”

“The upper and middle classes are busy staging great gustatory theater. They’ve turned kitchens into the sexiest rooms in their ever-expanding abodes.It’s not that the formal dining room has been scratched, more that the kitchen becomes the focus of the most ritualistic social behavior. Here, food packaging designs have their part to play in creating packaging that matches up to the lofty, aspirational ideas of the 21th century kitchen.”



1. kuuna - March 2, 2009

nice 🙂 And how about Naoto Fukasawa’s Juice Skin?
I find it extremely delicious ,)

2. balticdesign - March 2, 2009

Oh, sure, that’s a classical one! The kiwis are also wonderful, I hope to have them in my hands one day! (:

3. zane - March 12, 2009
4. balticdesign - March 13, 2009

If it comes with love, it’s always good ;).

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