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Back from holidays February 16, 2009

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Last week has been full of fresh air and new impressions. I turned 1 year older. I got in a car and traveled some 900 km to South. And I ended up in Grenoble (fr).

Some fascinating buildings from 1968, when Grenoble was the city of winter Olympic games.

I had a chance to visit the atelier of French artist Marc Pessin. He is a very kind and intelligent white haired man. For over 60 years he has been working in many artistic domains, all related to graphic art. He is a book editor as well. He had exposed in numerous big museums, collaborating with world famous artists, fashion designers etc. His atelier is a real curiosity cabinet!

I can only admire him and wish to be in the position at his age where i can look back on a active and creative life as he has had it. His work still sells very well. But what I love the most is what he said about jewellery he used to create in 6oies (for Pacco Rabane etc.)- “I stopped doing jewellery because it was selling very good. Otherwise I would have had to continue doing this all my life”. I find it a wonderful attitude we should all learn from… not to get stuck in our own success, our style… I once read an interview with Maarten Baas and he said that he doesn’t mind if people would consider him to be the smoke-furniture-guy for the next 50 years. It’s a pity, I would mind!

He also has the biggest collection in France of mail art- decorated letters he exchanged with his friends-artists.

Besides 10 000 other things, he makes very beautiful relief prints with empty cans (the can is removed afterwards, it leaves a 3d trace).

I also finally visited the contemporary art center Magasin that I have had heard a lot about. At the moment there is a show of Canadian artist Davis Altmejd. The main material of his work (for this project) is mirror. The space is totally covered with mirrors. Altmejd has created several sculptures- giants.

A functional (?) solution for peeling an apple in the local bar of a small mountain village.

Snow typography. 1600 &+ m high.




1. john - February 17, 2009


2. Rihards - February 18, 2009

1 year older?!
last night i watch the movie about the Americans who flight with rocket inside earth, they must complete some mission inside of earth kernel.
I did not see the end of movie, but i was fascinated with idea of racket witch is flying down in the earth not up in the sky.
movie was made in early 90, and the movie design was charming.

3. balticdesign - February 18, 2009

Sure, I can’t get 2 years older at once, right?
Was it fiction? What’s the title of the film? Sounds interesting.

4. Rihards - February 18, 2009

it is not necessary to spend your time to find the movie,
all essence i publish in my comment,
and i start and finish watching movie in the middle, so i have no ideas about the title of movie..

5. irena - February 18, 2009

jums ir bijusi skaista nedēļa. Man prieks!

6. julie S - March 10, 2009

still amazing and the colorful one is even better you were right!!

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