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multiply yourself by 100 000 000 February 6, 2009

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I think we take life too serious. And, especially- we take ourselves much too serious! We are so obsessed with our unique and special personalities, about making the right choices in life… finding the right man/woman, profession etc. … I am not a budist and I don’t believe in reincarnation but I m truly convinced that there is much more than what we see around us!

This weekend I saw a very inspiring documentary film about kwantum theory and it’s “father” Hugh Everett. (“Parallel worlds. Parallel lives.” u can watch here.) It is a very complex theory and, of course, I don’t understand it in details, but the main idea goes like this; scientists have discovered that atoms and molecules can splt in several parts. And as humans are made from atoms, it means that we can split as well. THey say that every time we make a choice- like for instance- when I hear my alarm, I m thinking if I get up or I can sleep 10 more minutes. The moment I get up, another me is created that stays in bed and along this another me there is a whole new univers is created where this new person continues her life. Of course, it is hard to imagine that there are millions and milliards of me “out there”, and not only out there, but- in other universes! But I really like this idea.

And I was also thinking, my mother used to say that if u would gather in one room all the persons a man had been in his life, I mean, the person he was at 16, at 25, at 30 , at 45 and so on, these persons would not recognize each other. That’s because we change so much over our life time. And I thought it really makes sense in this context. then it would mean that what I think is my consciousness is in fact one of my consciousnesses and it “travels” from one my body to another. And that’s how we get the impression that we change so much over our lifetime.

I think there are a few things we can learn from this theory. One is that we should be less stressed about making choices. We often think that it’s a question of life and death to pass an exam, to succeed a job interview… we are even struggling for half an hour choosing a dessert in a restaurant… But actually we don’t have to choose, we can get all of the options at the same time and enjoy all of the benefits!

And another thing is that we should be less obsessed with our unique personalities. (AND WE ALL ARE!) Fuck pride! Fuck ego! If we could change just a little bit the world would surely be a much better place! And in this documentary the son of Hugh Everett tells that his father’s wish was that his ashed would be thrown in trash. I heard this and I thought- what a wonderful idea!! It’s not that I would like my ashes to end up in rubbish (the most probably I would give my body to medical research), but I find it’s a wonderful thing that a man can be so relaxed and not to sacralise himself!

And I think, being obsessed with oneself is especially dangerous for (young) designers. Well, you can maybe become a genius artist this way… but designers create for other people not just for themselves!! So, I think, empathy is one of the keys we have to posses if we take the design path in our lives.

So, let’s take it easy and enjoy (; !



1. undressdesign - February 7, 2009

stase: Things can be even more simple; as simple as a choice between black and white. The point is; that a person is too comlicated.

2. irena - February 8, 2009

labi teikts, bet vai nevar bez visiem tiem f..

3. balticdesign - February 9, 2009

Paldies. Nevar gan.

4. Rihards - February 12, 2009

yes, the use of f… in article surprise me too, 🙂
but after death i would like to be bury in the meadow filled with sun light and flowers somewhere in the old wood near from the sea.

5. elina zunde - February 13, 2009

..i also think there is nothing wrong about words you use in the article:) but about souls – you’ve said you don’t believe in reincarnation, still you like the idea of traveling in bodies. i like the idea, too. but i also like the idea that something remains after one dies – something except all what you can just put in a bin. whatever – reincarnation or other ***ion, but that this is also one of the good reasons to relax a bit – try to think there is much more time given than we can imagine and we are traveling all the time. buddhism seems to be nice about that.:)

6. balticdesign - February 16, 2009

Our work will stay when we’ll be gone (;

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