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Get ready for year 2025! #2 February 1, 2009

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The overwhelming tailor-made-product trend will have an enormous influence on most of the companies.
Open source business strategies will be very popular. Many products will be available in different configurations- a ready made good in a shop/internet shop and a downloadable manual/pattern that allows you to make your desired/needed thing yourself for considerably lower costs. The do-it-yourself will be the key word.
The “creativity” and different technique learning courses will be very popular for adults as well as for children. Most of people will have their personal “creative advisor” (most of the design school graduates will make their career as c.a.), who will help them to give a material shape to their ideas (about their home, furniture, cloths, shoes, food etc.).
The profession of a designer will be mire about designing services and all kinds of tools for creativity.

As the non renewable natural resources will decrease faster than it was calculated at the turn of the centuries, we will be forced to take strict measures. Taxes will increase dramatically for transportation, getting rid of waste etc.
Most of the air plane companies will adopt the “a tree-per-passenger-per-flight” plan. Every person will have to plant a tree each time he takes a plane (for extra money it could be done by somebody else). So there will be fast extending forests around airports. This will be just one of the ways to increase the awareness of people about the harmful efects of the activities they are used to and consider as normal.

The alternative energy sources won’t be that alternative any more (:! Everything will be used to create and collect energy. From gym halls till bicycles. Many houses will be equiped with flying wind turbines that will provide a part or all of the necessary energy for a household.
Electronic device manufacturers will face severe restrictions and standards for low energy consumption and cradle to cradle use of materials as well as collecting and recycling the out of date products. Due to these aspect the prices will rise considarably and the lifetime of products will be more extended.

As the actual proceses behind the big industries will become more transparent (due to information campaigns), most of the global mega brands will be forced to change their strategies and take responsability for the harm they’ve done to nature and human health. For instance, they will finally admit the catastrophic demage that aspartame (artificial sweetener) does to human body. Companies like Coca Cola will have to take care of these patients. There will be Cola, Nestle etc. hospitals all over the world.
Still people will tend to put all responsability on the manufacturers even if the information was available already 30 years ago.
Substances and food additives like msg will be strictly forbiden and considered as poisonous.



1. irena - February 2, 2009

Izklausās varen labi…

2. Rihards - February 2, 2009

keep on working in that style, good texts and attractive graphic,
and it all sound relay realistic.
looks and sounds a bit as Kurt Vonnegut 🙂
i like your style!!!

3. balticdesign - February 2, 2009

Hey, Rihard, thank you for encouragements!
I’m not sure, how realistic it is. Especially the second part is more about what I wish to see in the future, I’m a bit afraid it will turn out worse… We’ll see. (:

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