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Get ready for 2025! January 30, 2009

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The future comes sooner than we think.. So, it’s not a bad idea to think about it sometimes and… be ready to face it!

Here is my vision of it and some fragments of the pop up book I’m making for the class of our dear teacher Rony Platenkamp.

I would be happy to discuss these subjects with you.

Doing your shopping will be almost as serious as going to vote. Brands will fight as never before to get hearts and souls and money of the consumers. Many facts will be uncovered about unethical manufacturing methods and use of human harmful materials/ingredients. Many big brands will loose their reputation, so they will do all the possible to get it back.
They will find ways to get closer to us and slip into our private lives. People will split in Pepsi and Coca Cola (etc.) social groups that won’t be friendly with each other. It will become almost like a religion or a political conviction.

Nearly everyone will have a small (and cheap)- credit card size electronical device that reads the code from the packaging. The code will provide information about the ingredients of the product, where it is made. If you won’t have your own “decoder” you’ll be able to borrow one in any shop.
It will make packaging design more minimalistic- only the code and name. You can upload on your “decoder” a program that explains what the ingredients like sodium nitrate or E420 mean.
Most of the people of the middle and upper class will have their personal health advisors that they will often call directly from the supermarket to get an advice if a particular product suits their diet. There will be few people without a diagnosis of an allergy or another illness.

People from the middle and upper class will use a lot of “personalized” products and services- to satisfy the desire to be/feel unique as well as for health reasons. Even the big and successful mass producers like Ikea and H&M will have to reconsider they marketing strategies so that their clients could purchase personalized or easily personalisable products.
As a matter of fact, this will increase the creativity of people, their ability to manipulate materials and the awareness of their own personality and the specific needs.

overwhelming tailor-made-product trend will have an enormous influence on most of the companies.
Open source business strategies will be very popular. Many products will be available in different configurations- a ready made good in a shop/internet shop and a downloadable manual/pattern that allows you to make your desired/needed thing yourself for considerably lower costs. The do-it-yourself will be the key word.
The “creativity” and different technique learning courses will be very popular for adults as well as for children. Most of people will have their personal “creative advisor” (most of the design school graduates will make their career as c.a.), who will help them to give a material shape to their ideas (about their home, furniture, cloths, shoes, food etc.).
The profession of a designer will be more about designing services and all kinds of tools for creativity.

That’s it for now. The second part is coming soon (to your screens)! (:



1. edv - February 1, 2009

And there will be social networking sites such as ‘foodbook.com’ or foodlr.com with galeries displaying user’s meal.

2. balticdesign - February 2, 2009

Hm, doesn ‘t it exist already? Do u mean something similar like ,,fashion diaries,, where people post a photo of themselves every day to show what they are wearing, but about food? Hm, maybe, but I don’t know what would make me want to check out what Perdo in Alikante had for breakfast today… But maybe it’s just me (:.

3. edv - February 2, 2009

…more like myspace profiles. Because in 2025 food will be important part of our personal brand and Pedro will check your foodspace profile to be sure if u are pepsi ore coke type of a person, so he could chose the right drink for you in your first date.

4. balticdesign - February 2, 2009

Haha (: yea, that makes sense.

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