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Giving. January 16, 2009

Posted by ieva in Uncategorized.

Sometimes life is just a collection of stress and disapointements and then, the next moment I think I’m the happiest person in this world just because I’m born. It can be one smile or one phrase or just the smell of spring in the air that changes everything.

So, maybe it’s a good idea to be generous. To give joy to people. Even the ones we don’t know. And there are much more ways to do it than you would think.

Some pictures from my sketchbooks. A few years ago.


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1. saskia - January 17, 2009

keep the faith.
i hope your stress disappears thinking of the little thing in life.
It’s going to be good. Just believe it.
My bazaar market didn’t go too well…but because I gave in the past a bunch returned the favour and gave back to me now.
CU Good luck!

2. irena - January 18, 2009

Agrāk vai vēlāk mēs saņemam atpakaļ visu, ko dodam citiem un-daudz lielākā apmērā… Vai gan šī pasaule vispār spētu eksistēt, ja mēs viens otram nedāvinatu jaukus brīžus un nepalīdzētu cits citam. Un palīdzēt var arī vienkārši ar smaidu, kas nemaksā neko, tikai prasa, lai tu būtu CILVĒKS…

3. elina zunde - January 18, 2009

patīk.:) taisi vēl tos vitamīnus!

4. balticdesign - January 18, 2009

Hei, Eliina! Palides! Viss notiek, briest un top (:.

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