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13.01.09. LV January 14, 2009

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People always ask me, if I m planning to go back to Latvia after I finish my studies. I usually find a way not to give a precise answer. It’s hard to reply “no”. It would sound like if I don’t care about the place I come from, like I’m choosing to forget who I am. It s not true. I’m proud to be Latvian, and it’s something that will never change (I believe).

I see what is going on in my country the last years, the last months and yesterday, and it breaks my heart. I want to cry.

What would I do if I go back to Latvia? Fight to survive? Fight to get a chance to express myself, to be heard? Why? I m a designer. I want to do design. Yes, I also want to help my country. I want to make (also) Latvian people happier. But, I m afraid, I will look for ways to do it from distance. Is it egoistic? Maybe, it is. Maybe I ve lost too many illusions these last years.




1. elina busmane - January 14, 2009

I am also Latvian designer. At least becoming so called 🙂
I am also sad now about all last events happened.
But there have been even much harder times for the Nation of Latvia.
Latvians are those who don’t give up, even if they experience that, what nobody would ever wish, like shooting to your own brother.
It all means Latvia.
It is surviving.
It is “Nāves ēnā” & it is “Liku bēdu zem akmeņa”.
So keep on going!

2. Plenkijs - January 14, 2009

I disagree with Elīna. In my opinion, latvians are more often dissatisfied with everything they got, and more often they envy other people and other nations. And this all doesn’t mean that I don’t love Latvia. And if someone asks me, if he or she should return, I would probably say – It’s up to you, but I wouldn’t. There are too many things that needs to be fixed around here… but still I love this country, as contradictional as it could be..

3. balticdesign - January 14, 2009

2 Elina.
Sure, there have been much harder times for Latvians… But now, finally, we can decide ourselves about how to live, we are not slaves of Russians or Germans or whatever any more. And we mess up everything. How come??!! :/ Haven’t we (our parents and grandparents) had enough “Nāves ēnā” & it is “Liku bēdu zem akmeņa”??

2 Plenkijs
I would say- yes, go back and work for Latvia! Somebody has to fix these things that have to be fixed!! But it is easier to say than to do. Maybe one day there will be things done to welcome back talented people who have left their motherland…
But from the other side, Latvia is far to be the only country facing this problem. Many, many French people move to Canada. And this is just one example..

4. balticdesign - January 14, 2009

The question is- do we get what we deserve? Or- we get what we are ready for? Are we too much used to suffer, keep quiet, keep on fighting?..

5. elina busmane - January 15, 2009

May be we are just too much trying to find somebody to blame. That is the problem in contemporary society. Excuses, excuses, excuses…
And too much comparing.
I can also think, how could Latvia be if there wouldn’t be occupation…as Finland? May be better?
Lucky we are not at the same situation as Belarus ! It’s just what is the point of reference.

& it’s not new thing we are discussing, see, what Veidenbaums has written:

Virs zemes nav taisnības, dūrei tik spēks,
Kas varmākām skādi dar, nosaukts tiek grēks.
Par tiesnešiem cienīti blēži sēž
Un godīgie ādu nost citiem plēš.
Un cienīgs tēvs, zaglis, teic sprediķus;
“Tik pacieties, debesīs labāki būs!”

Virs zemes nav laimes, tik zvēru pulks bļauj,
Viens otram iz mutes tie maizi sev rauj,
Un priecīgs ikkatris, kad vēders tik pilns,
Kad bērni ir veseli, dzīvoklis silts.
Un glaimojot salkušie rakstnieki sauc:
“Cik praktiska tauta! Tai cerību daudz.”

Jā, cerību gan. Vēl nosirmos laiks,
Un redzams būs strādnieku moku pilns vaigs,
Vēl liekēži slinkos un godīgi krāps,
Pēc debesu viltības ļaudis vēl slāps,
Zem kājām vēl varmākas taisnību mīs,
Par kaujamiem lopiem vēl cilvēkus dzīs,
Un muļķīgas dzejas vēl dzejnieki kals
Un vaimanās paši, kad salks un sals.

6. Rihards - January 15, 2009

I don’t see solution while the main ministries of Latvia is managed by persons with ugly look and sick mind. The feeling is like Latvia is controlled by mad penguins – as if Penguin from Tim Barton movie “Batman 2” fulfill his concept. And it looks like they will aspire to keep jurisdiction for any price.
Yesterday i sad to my 6 years old daughter that our country is administrated by bad people, and she sad me that maybe we could live somewhere else.

7. balticdesign - January 15, 2009

Mad pinguins, haha (:…
Yes, I think we finally have to show that it can(t go on this way! Like French are making protests and demonstrations every week, if necessary! We have to stop to accept suffering!

8. Ilze - January 15, 2009

I am all the time under the pressure of question: “What could be my impact for situation’s improvement in Latvia?” But I am deeply sure that this is not time for “likt bēdu zem akmeņa”.

9. kuuna - January 15, 2009

Just as many of us here I am Latvian and becoming designer – for that – studying abroad – and passionately following the news and changes in Latvia. Ilze, I completely understand your concerns as well as Ievas and I believe many others. We have learned, we are learning – the knowledge we have and will have is important asset for improving life also in Latvia – but for it to work, it has to be recognised first. Knowing that design is just one of the fields new people are studying hard and looking forward to devote their knowledge for positive change makes me tick.

About ministers and other politicians – one of the huge problem here, I think, is that most of them do not have proper education – too much of them are venturous businessmen type and they see Latvia as a feeding, money making enterprise.

10. kikeriguu - January 15, 2009

I moved from Latvia to Austria and heard in news of that hell what happened recently in Latvia. And I have to say – Thank God it happened! Because, our nation was always into peacefully organized protests, which never gave any results. So maybe something like this, finally reaches those 100 spoiled minds of our government, forces them to open their eyes and see so called “dead end” that they are leading our people in…. -_-

11. elina busmane - January 16, 2009

At least Latvians haven’t lost creativity during the so called “crisis”.

12. balticdesign - January 16, 2009

saeima reloaded, cool (:.

13. elina zunde - January 18, 2009

now it is asked for everybody who cares of what is happening here to take a part in politics, which could be great for us, but, first, intelligent person is not just the same and enough to call it politician and moreover we are so much focused on OUR inner problems (even they ARE most important to solve right now) while forgetting we are not going to be separated from the rest of the world and those sick (or mad) penguins here are not sick because of themselves, but because they must decently fit between bigger penguins (located in russia, eu, usa e.t.c.).
it means we (artists, designers, nodesigners – whatever) must do our job as well as possible wherever we are and build our opinion of things as well as possible, but let’s hope there will not start this mess putting all-craft people in jobs they are not up to.. i am sure there are something more advanced than penguins growing between our new generation’s politicians!

14. balticdesign - January 18, 2009

I totally agree- we should keep on doing our work as good as possible.

15. Karina - January 19, 2009

I love Latvia and I’ll stay here. Why should my grandfathers had to fight in the war… I’m not gonna give up the idea about my own land. To be an immigrant in another country? Why? Just to have a better car?

It had to happen a long time ago. I am happy about the people here- finally they have understood that they have to go and say what they want. Not hide and talk in the corner..

16. balticdesign - January 19, 2009

Sure, no, I agree that having a better car would be a very bad motivation to leave your country! I’m happy too that things are starting to change. Hope so.

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