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Creativity exercises January 1, 2009

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The beginning of a new year is traditionally time for good resolutions.

Most of the times it’s all up to ourselves- to make our lives better, to start enjoying every single day, to become the person we really want to be… And as I just mentioned, creativity can really be something that changes the life!

I’d like to share some more thoughts from the book “Creativity. Flow and psychology of creativity and invention” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

– Try to be surprised by something every day. It could be something you see, hear or read about. Stop to look at the unusual car parked at the curb, taste the new item on the cafeteria menu, actually listen to your collegue at the office. How is this different from other similar car, dishes, conversations? What is the essence? (..) Life is noting more than a stream of experiences- the more widely and deeply you swim in it, the richer your life will be.

– Try to surprise at least one person every day. Comfortable routines are great when they save energy for doing what you really care about; but if you are still searching, they restrict and limit the future.

– Write down every day what surprised you and how you surprised others.After a few days you can reread what you wrote down and reflect on the past experiences. One of the surest ways to enrich life is to make experiences less fleeting, so that the most memorable, interesting, and important events are not lost forever a few hours after they occured.

– Wake up in the morning with a specific goal to look forward to. Everyone can discover at least one thing every day that is worth waking up for. Eventually most of the day should consist of tasks you look forward to, until you feel that getting up in the morning is a privilege, not a chore.

– If you do anything well, it becomes enjoyable. The more activities that we do with excellence and style, the more of life becomes intrinsically rewarding.



1. LOLA - January 2, 2009

thank you for the inspiring post. will certainly read the book. Happy and creatively fulfilling 2009!

2. balticdesign - January 3, 2009

Thank you! The best for you as well in 2009! The book is definitely worth reading. I had one from the library but I ordered one from Amazon now. It’s something to have in your own library (:.

3. LOLA - January 3, 2009

agreed. đŸ™‚

4. gonzo_ID - January 8, 2009

Good creativity exercises there. I use the surprise change of routine a lot and it certainly works for me. Another one I do is to wear random clothes chosen by rolling a dice and then trying to sketch wearing the result. đŸ™‚ Is fun and sometimes throws up some weird concepts.

Nice blog.

5. balticdesign - January 8, 2009

Thank you (:.
Nice suggestion about the random cloths.

6. zz - January 12, 2009

Csikszentmihalyi book is great source. Just in addition: superb interview of him can in TED @ http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/366 (or @ http://zz.typepad.com/lv/2008/10/kreativitate.html). Actually it seems that is summary of few of most important ideas in the book.

7. balticdesign - January 12, 2009

O, nice, thanks for the links ;)!

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