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Big ego+good marketing= design? December 9, 2008

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Marcel Wanders

I had some fun time this week end reading an interview with Marcel Wanders in the Dutch newspaper Pers. The journalist had asked to Philippe Starck who is the greatest designer and he pointed Wanders. Later it turns out that the Dutch designer thinks the same about his French collegue.

philippe starck

I think you all have heard this spring about Starck’s decision to quit design world. He said that design is dead and decided to quit this discipline because of its material and not useful role in society. Starck apologizes for what he has designed and produced during those past years, he says that all he has done is not useful and Design therefore is dead…simply not important!

So, basicly, he’s telling that everything he has been doing, is not real and he’s been just fooling people who buy his products. At least he brought some confusion and probably made some people think what is it they are paying for what they purchase a design piece of a famous designer.

Well, later Starck has been seen around in a BBC tv show that aims to find “next best British designer”.

It seems to me that it is mostly a matter of a big ego (with some creativity, of course!) and a good marketing. And why do we buy these things? Isn’t it again a story of ego? We want to posses what is recognized and glamurous.. What has a nice brand name. Then we know that it is the “right” choice.

Designers are becoming contemporary pop stars and pop stars become designers. Check out the furniture collection by Cindy Crauford ;)!

But is it really design, what we are talking about? A very small part of design, the most visible, but far not the most interesting or important.



1. saskia - December 9, 2008

I really don’t like cindy crawford’s furniture-line. Really awful. (The link doesn’t work)
Do ego’s only get bigger with fame and succes or were they already present?
I had the same feeling with Jeff Koons. I watched a documentary on his life. he has a lot of money and an idea. Then he goes and fins craftmen to make it for him. Sometimes he comes over to the workshops and places some comments and goes on with his rich life and pornstarwife.
He is a salesman in fact. Or is he a visionary? I just look at his ridiculous and enormous objects.

2. saskia - December 9, 2008
3. balticdesign - December 9, 2008

Haha, ja, Crauford’s sofas work only in combination with her pretty (??) face. Maybe for some desperate house wifes it’s exactly what they need (but still, it’s just marketing).
Jeff Koons is a pervert guy… :/
And, yes, I think, ego grows with money and fame (and power). If you are THAT type of person.

4. mike - December 11, 2008

I think its the same with hapyness, if you are not happy with your life then money wont MAKE you happy but if you are allready happy then money can make you more happy.
The same goes for ego, money wont make you this kind of person, but if you allready were like that then money is an evil thing..
I think what starck should do is give everybody that ever bought any of his stuff the opertunity to return it to the ‘creator’ and give all those people their money back, but of course he wont be willing to do that because then he would REALLY be sorry.
He should be thankful to all those people spending lots of money on his designs but instead he is even calling all those people fools for buying useless stuff! What an arrogant human being this man is, unbelievable!

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