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Green consciousness December 2, 2008

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I get this feeling quite often that I’m spending my life waisting the resources of the planet and as a designer I probably do it even more than an average citizen. Even if I would create everything in a strictly sustainable way, still most of the new products that come in the market are totally unnecessary and their main reason to exist is to create profit.

(photo by Virginia A. Spiegel)

Gijs Bakker gave a lecture at the beginning of the year at the Design Academy. In general it was quite boring (and I was very disappointed, caus’ I respect him for his work) but he said a nice sentence that “every generation has rights for self expression”. So I can relay on this idea… at least while I’m still studying.

But I see more and more companies getting worried about ecological questions. Even if I think that most of the times they just worry about their image. They know that more and more people want to consume “in a responsible way” so they make efforts to become a little bit greener. Here are just some examples.

On the website of Patagonia you can now find some interesting information. For example, if you have just purchased a Vitality Strappy dress, you can see that it had to travel 26 131 km to be made out of the original fibers. There were 14 kg of CO2 emissions and 425g of waist materials (1,5times the weight of the final product). 35kWh of energy were consumed to manufacture and transport one single dress (equal of a 18W fluorescent light bulb burning for 81 day 24h/day). Do you still like your dress as much as a minute ago? Can just the fact of knowing what we are causing to the nature make us feel better? It makes me feel a bit desperate. Being smart and conscious is not enough, we need some action!

Swedish fashion company Philippa K opened this summer a second hand shop in Stockholm. ”We are incredibly proud to be able to work with sustainability in this way. The fact that the superb quality and design of our products enable us to operate a second hand concept is very much in line with the things for which Filippa K stands,” says Filippa Knutsson, Creative Director. Will the brands’ second hand shops be the new trend?

The Nespresso megabrand is also promoting itself as sustainable. They say they work with small farmers all over the world, they collect the empty coffee capsules (I know lots of people who have a Nespresso coffee machine but I don’t know anybody who brings the used capsules back to the shop! That ‘s a huge amount of aluminium waste!).

The Ode magazine promises to plant a tree for every new subscriber! I have to say it’s tempting (the tree and the magazine) ! But do we have to wait for others to do things for us?!



1. irena - December 2, 2008

Nu jācer, ka citas kompānijas gribēs viņiem sekot. tas jau būtu ļoti prātīgi, varbūt, ka šī krīze piespiedīs cilvēci pārvērtēt kaut ko…

2. balticdesign - December 3, 2008

Well, there are more and more of them, even if it’s still a minority. I just came across an “eco-friendly” eyewear brand today: http://www.nanyang.com.sg/
It is the future.

3. zile - December 4, 2008

Es arī esmu ievērojusi,ka eko draudzīgums kļūst aizvien populārāks. Piemēram pirms 2 mēnešiem Parīzē biju ļoti patīkami pārsteigta par viņu aizraušanos ar stilīgiem second hand un vintage drēbju veikaliņiem un veikaliem,kas miksē second hand, nocenotos un jaunos modeļus…tas jau bija apmēram 500 kv.m. veikals. Tas man likās tik fantastiski. Un galvenais,ka pašiem francūžiem tas ir aktuāli. Bet es tomēr esmu pesimiste un domāju,ka tas nevar stāties pretī masu produkcijai un ražošanai . 😦

4. zile - December 4, 2008

Ilzes draudzene strādā http://www.globehope.com
The idea of Globe Hope was born from the desire to design and produce quality ecologically aware fashion for people who value sustainable development. Globe Hope clothing has been given a new life from already existing products and materials such as old hospital textiles, army wear, work-wear, and vintage materials. By re-cutting, re-sewing, dying and printing, Globe Hope clothes are re-awoken pieces of history that serve a forward-looking and fresh contemporary youth.
Ehhhh…..gribētos arī lai Latvijā ir viņu veikaliņš.

5. balticdesign - December 4, 2008

Zile, paldies par info! Globehope izskataas iedvesmojoshi! Buus jaaapciemo Amsterdamaa. Bet Latvijaa jaataisa pashiem savs “Hope” ;), domaaju, ka izejmateriaali buutu!
Vai Tev ir zinaams taa Pariizes liel-veikala nosaukums vai atrashanaas vieta? Labpraat pie izdeviibas apmekleetu.

6. balticdesign - December 4, 2008

There is a second hand shop chain called Emmaus ( http://www.emmaus.org.uk/ ). You can give them the stuff you don’t need any more and buy all kinds of things from postcards till antique furniture, bikes and dresses. While living in France, I was a regular client- both donating and buying. I think it’s a very simple and well working concept. And not only students and poor people shop there, you can meet there anybody, also lots of chic ladies.

Here, in Netherlands they have an extremly popular website http://www.marktplaats.nl/ where people sell everything you can think of. Second hand. I see it as a very human and clever way of consuming.

I wish somebody would create something like this in Latvia.

7. saskia - December 4, 2008

Also ‘goed voor polen’ is an example just as emmaus. In the Netherlands they are called ‘kringloopwinkels’ which means cycleshops.
Green is popular but it should be normal or the basis. Popularity fades in time. I have many discussions about this theme and everybody agrees on the green change but it takes so much effort and time before our generation will notice something. People are selfish and don’t commit as easy. So it seems in my surroundings at least. I hope to see positive change.

8. balticdesign - December 4, 2008

Oh, nice, thanks for info, I should check kringloopwinkels.

As for “popularity” and “normal”, I totally agree. Things can really start changing when “green” will be normal as you say. People just don’t know in what a big trouble this planet is!! There are too many big companies who are interested to keep on working and earning millions the way they do!
What can change selfishness of people? I don’t know. Probably nothing.
Probably the only thing that can provoke considerable changes is a huge catastrophe… just a situation where we won’t have no choice any more. We will HAVE TO change. I’m pretty sure our generation will see it.

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