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The most popular product in the world “made in Latvia”? November 25, 2008

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(If you are Latvian) have you ever thought, what is the most popular product in the world that is made in Latvia? It would be interesting to get an answer to this question.

My version is Reda – A set of 5 boxes made of polyethylene and polypropylene plastics. You can get the set at any Ikea store for 2,5 euros and they sell it for years already… I have one (:!

Do you have any other ideas about bestsellers “made in Latvia”?




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2. esuntu - November 27, 2008

Although there is no “Made in Latvia” label on it, they do make (and sell as their own product Europe wide) the bubble material at my town 🙂 With 2.5 million Lats yearly turnover I assume that a couple of the electronic gadgets we use are covered in it.

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4. zee - January 23, 2009

How about Blue Microphones and Real Sound Lab’s Coneq? A niche products, I know but they are famous for the quality.. and they’re pro.

5. balticdesign - January 23, 2009

I think these are very specific products known by the professionals, but not by “simple people”.

6. Helmuts - February 11, 2009

if you get to know the truth, visit my blog about Latvia http://www.startlatvia.com and let me know, i’d like to blog about it!

7. Baiba - March 9, 2009

The most popular products which are made in Latvia are women’s underware “Lauma”, sweets, amber jewelries and linen clothes! 🙂

8. Fix PC Freeze - January 31, 2010

I am not sure of what you say. But I used to think the most popular products or rather most downloaded products are digital products like computer repair software.

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